Midnight thunderstorms

Yesterday’s thoughts on sleeping plus the killer thunderstorm we had last night reminded me of a story from early in our marriage. We had been married no more than six weeks, and school had just started. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life. Not only did I wake up, I also jumped and totally spazzed out. It really scared me. Mike reached over and grabbed me before it thundered again, and he held me during the rest of the storm. It’s funny now, but it really did scare me.

Since then, I always flinch a bit during thunderstorms. I am still afraid they will be louder than I expect. Mike knows this, so he held me during last night’s storm, too. As soon as he heard the thunder, he rolled over and pulled me close. I guess I won’t give him a hard time about his socks this week.

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