Somebody had a headache.

I think that’s the correct quote from Gaudy Night – “Someone had a headache.” I don’t have my copy here, and the library’s copy isn’t checked in. And a Google search produced nothing. But I do believe that’s correct. If it’s not, I’ll correct it when I get home. [ETA – it’s been corrected. “Somebody had a headache.” I was close.]

Anyway, in this case, I am the one with the headache, though I haven’t fallen and hit my head after an attempt on my life. I have been headache-y all week, just feeling a little off. Very tired, too, even though I have been getting enough sleep. But enough complaining. I’ll talk about something more fun instead.

Sunday while we were driving to Mike’s sister’s house, we started reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. Mike and I like to read out loud together, but we hadn’t read anything together in a while. We both enjoyed The Notebook (The Wedding is a follow-up to The Notebook) and A Walk to Remember, so we thought we’d give this one a try. So far it’s really good. When it comes to sweet romantic stories, it’s pretty hard to top Nicholas Sparks. I haven’t read his most recent books – I think the last one I read was A Bend in the Road – but I enjoy the comforting feel of his stories. They are usually set in North Carolina, and the characters and places are warm and familiar. Basically, his books definitely qualify as fluff of the best kind. Mike and I are about halfway through, and though we think we have figured out what’s going to happen, we are enjoying the ride quite a bit.

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