Family Ties

I love my brother, and we generally get along well (although we were a bit snippy with each other yesterday), but I have always wanted a sister. Not that I wanted to get rid of him – I just wished for an older brother who would protect me (my brother is both younger and non-confrontational) and a sister as well. I wanted more of us because you can’t play Clue with just two kids. And sometimes mom was too busy doing housework to play Clue with us, so we had to pick another game.

I have realized lately that what I wanted was a storybook sister. A sister who would be my best friend, so I would always have someone, just like in the movies or my favorite books. I have mentioned before that I run with a group of three other girls. All three of them have one older sister (one also has a younger half-brother and half-sister, but they are much younger than she is). None of them have the ideal sisterly relationships that I imagine. One of the relationships is better now, but the other two are really hard. That’s not to say that sisters can’t be close, because my mom and her sister are very close to one another. But I always wanted a sister because I assumed we’d automatically be inseparable, and that’s just not the case. I might not be any closer to a sister than I am to my brother, because he and I, though from the same family, are radically different.

I think I do this a lot. I tend to imagine how things are going to be, which of course means they don’t live up to my expectations. I overly glamorize things that I don’t have. I tend to act like I am the only one going through something, and no one else understands. I did that this weekend, and it led me down the same old path to jealousy.

I think the answer is learning to be content in your given situation. Well, not really . . . I guess the answer is learning to be content in the Lord. And he can help you deal with your current situation. I am finding that difficult these days.

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