I’ll have my people give you a call

This week I have been thinking about how I hate having my time overly scheduled. We hang out with some friends to watch Survivor every week, and it kind of stresses me out to have to do something every Thursday night. Mike pointed out today that my problem is not so much with things being scheduled on Thursday nights as it is with his current schedule. Here’s a quick rundown of our week – small group in Greensboro on Monday nights, we both work late on Tuesday nights, we have Wednesday nights together to cook dinner (except when I am being taken out for a special treat), Thursday nights we have Survivor and Friday nights Mike works late. So my real problem is that we only get Wednesday night at home together.

However, this seems as good a time as any to announce – that will be changing soon, because Mike has turned in his notice and will be going back to school full-time in the fall. He has not yet earned a bachelor’s degree, and he has decided that he would like to be a math teacher, so I will be supporting him while he goes to school and works part-time. We are both very excited about this.

Anyway, back to the original topic. Mike and I are just not the spontaneous sort. When we get home from work, we tend to veg out immediately and not go out again (unless it’s a planned trip to the grocery store). Is this bad? I think it’s okay to be a homebody, but I am a homebody to the extreme. I love just sitting on the couch or on the deck and reading and listening to music and being close to Mike. I am afraid that my desires to stay at home are detrimental to my friendships, because I just don’t think about calling my girl friends to hang out (especially during the week). (And there is an element of, “I am sure they are all busy with other people,” but I doubt that’s surprising to my long-time readers.)

I am not sure what to do with any of this. I guess I am still processing. I am definitely the kind of person who needs time alone, but I want to be careful not to take that to extremes.

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