“It’s good to be heckling again.”

In the winter, I sleep better if there’s something warm on my feet, so Mike and I often put our extra pillows at the end of the bed so I can burrow under them. We have a joke that all Mike has to do to get me to fall asleep is put a pillow on my feet. (He likes to try this when we are in the middle of a heated discussion.)

Mike has a men’s meeting on Wednesday mornings, so he has to get up at 5:30 (and in order to make himself get up, he uses the awful alarm – the one that causes me to wake up wondering if I’m being murdered). When he got out of bed this morning, he put a pillow on my feet, which I thought was nice but a little odd – I mean, it’s practically May, right? Apparently someone forgot to explain that to Mother Nature, because when I got up at 6:30, it was 37 degrees outside!

That was not the first thoughtful thing Mike has done this week. Yesterday I had to do something not very fun, and he normally takes me out to dinner afterwards. But because of our schedules, that wasn’t possible, so he brought me a present instead – a Statler figurine! He promised to get Waldorf at the next available opportunity. Meanwhile, Statler is here at work on my bookcase, heckling me as much as he can without his sidekick.

(Oh, and for the record, we still get to go out for dinner – tonight! hehe.)

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