This one’s for you, Shelby

I met Shelby in the lobby of our freshman dorm. I was with my best friend, who, because of a lack of peripheral vision, was known for tripping and running into things. Shelby and my friend spoke to each other, because they had apparently seen each other at the Rec center earlier that day, where both of them had fallen or run into poles or something. They bonded over shared embarassment.

Somehow or another, we invited Shelby to come to our small group that met in the dorm lobby. And thus began my experiences with Shelby and her embarassing stories. Something embarassing happens to Shelby every day. I got an email from her a couple of days ago, and right at the end she included an embarassing story, because she knows I love them.

The difference between me and Shelby is that she embraces her stories, while I tend to feel ashamed about the accidents I get into. It’s really good for me to be around her, because it causes me to think of my embarassments in that light – stories I can share. I think my favorite experience with her was when we were going to a friend’s wedding. We were supposed to be seated on the front row, but somehow the ushers missed that direction and we ended up in the back. Which turned out to be a good thing, because we really shamed ourselves. During the service, the bride and groom had communion, and the minister said, “Jesus broke the bread, saying, ‘This is my body. Take and eat all of it.'” He then tore a big loaf of bread in half. Shelby turned to me, horrified, and said, “They have to eat ALL OF IT?” We didn’t stop laughing for the rest of the ceremony. (In fact, I am laughing now, just thinking about it.) We offended everyone around us. Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that we were also a little late to that wedding because Shelby ripped her skirt and we were trying to pin it back together. She ended up wearing her sweater tied around her waist to cover it. And the photographer refused to take our picture, saying we weren’t “formal enough.” And we didn’t get any shrimp because of waiting for the stupid photographer. That whole day was one comedic accident after another.

When I lived with my aunt and uncle, Shelby came to stay a couple of times. After she left, my uncle said, “She really makes you come alive.” What a fantastic compliment. I would love to be a person who makes people enjoy life. Shelby is definitely that kind of person.

Shelby is one of my few real-life friends who reads my blog (that I know of), and I have been thinking about her a lot lately. When you’re in college, you think, “These friendships will last forever!” Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. We have been in sporadic touch over the past couple of years, but when we do talk, we can pick right up. I think that’s the mark of true friendship. I am thankful that Shelby is my friend. Just getting an email from her brightens my day. 🙂

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    This one’s for you, Shelby – Through a Glass, Darkly