Punch Bug!

In my neighborhood, there are these two preteen girls who are often out rollerskating or hanging out in one of their yards in the afternoon. When I drive past them on my way home, they always punch each other and grin at me. I hate to be the cause of such violence . . . no, no I don’t. I think it’s hysterical.

Being a Beetle owner is fun. Other Beetle owners wave at me as if we are in some sort of secret club. In fact, today a (creepy – why are they always creepy?!) guy in a classic Beetle waved at me as I passed him like he was standing still. (Not pertinent to the story: he then sped up and rode beside me for a long time. I had a hard time losing the creepy guy.) Little kids always wave and look excited to see me. I feel like a queen.

I think my car is awesome. I have taken her a lot of places, and I’ve only had her two years. And don’t underestimate the thirty cubic feet of passenger space! I think there should be a series of commercials on all the things I move in my car. So far Arwen and I have moved a table and a dresser (and both times people said, “You’ll never fit that in your car”), and I think she and I are ready for more of a challenge. Someone write to Volkswagen and suggest that.

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