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Origami and Amazing Shushing Action 6

I have an origami zoo on my desk. One of my coworkers likes origami, and she has a tear-off calendar with an origami-a-day. I currently have a penguin (my corner is the coldest in the building, so the penguin keeps me company), a carp (the symbol of strength – she made it when I made […]

We’re Number Eight! 0

Stories like this are why I love this time of year. ETA: If you’re not registered and don’t want to register, the story is about Mount St. Mary’s, whose basketball team gets to go to the NEC tournament because of a game they won last night, placing them eighth in their conference. The students stormed […]

Love Changes Everything 8

I used to be staunchly against diet soft drinks. Who wants to put such disgusting chemicals in their bodies? Chemicals that kill lab rats!! I had principles, and I stood by them. Well, last year I realized that my metabolism is no longer what it was. I can no longer eat whatever I want and […]

The Lady and the Unicorn 4

I just finished The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier. Her most famous book is probably Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I also enjoyed. Tracy Chevalier likes to take a famous work of art and imagine the story behind it. This particular work was a set of tapestries. She imagined the painter to […]


One of my (many) failings is how much I . . . I think “depend” is the word I need here . . . how much I depend on the input of others. I can make decisions okay, mostly. But I like to hear what other people think. I am a very communal person. One […]

House Update 4

I have some pictures of the exterior (some I took in the snow!) that I will load when RMFO pics is working again. I took some pictures of the inside today, but I will probably wait to take better inside pictures when we’re all painted and moved. Speaking of paint, I picked out some colors […]

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The Farewells Begin 4

Saturday I had to tell our mailman that we’ll be moving in two weeks. It was really sad. No, it really was. I love our mailman. His name is Mario. He has two gold teeth, right in the front. He always seems happy to see us, and he stops to say hello when he can. […]

Cute is Apparently the Word of the Day 0

Well, I want to talk about the Oscars. Because I love celebrity stuff like that. Since there weren’t any surprises, there’s not really much to say. But I do have a couple of thoughts. Of course my favorite thing is that Peter Jackson and crew finally got the recognition they deserved. I honestly didn’t think […]