Lego Maniac

Yesterday I brought my Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle to work. It’s sitting on the very top shelf of my bookcase. I think the Lego people were very clever to realize that Harry Potter fans are likely to be Lego fans.

Legos are my favorite toys. Remember the Lego commercials they used to have, and the Legomaniac song? I loved that song. I still get Legos every year for Christmas. This year, Mike gave me a companion piece to the Hogwarts Castle that I still haven’t put together yet. We didn’t really have room for it. But now I can put it with the rest of the castle.

My favorite Legos were the pirate ones that came out in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I had many hours of fun with them. They are all still at my parents’ house, along with the Lego town I created. Joseph had some other bits of the town, and he had a lot of space Legos. Neither of us were very interested in the Knight ones – the ones with the castles and the horses and guards. We asked for smaller sets, so Mom & Dad would actually buy them. Looking now, I see that Legos are expensive!

I think I would really like to get Main Street to go with my town. I don’t need it, of course. I just love all the little Lego pieces and how cute they are.

I have a secret dream of going to LegoLand someday. I remember reading about it as a kid and thinking that it sounded like the best place in the world.

Who else had Legos? Which sets were your favorites?

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