Cute (Ferocious!) T-Rex

A few weeks ago, we visited with Mike’s sister for a few hours. They had just come back from Disneyworld, so the kids had lots of souvenirs to show us. Mike’s three-year-old nephew had a big plastic dinosaur that looked kind of similar to a T-Rex. I personally thought the dinosaur looked more goofy (though not in the Disney-goofy way) than scary. So when Jacob kept trying to attack us with the dinosaur, I took it and said, “No, see, he’s not mean! He wants to be friends!” I then took the dinosaur’s little stumpy arms and had him give me a hug.

Jacob looked slightly disgusted.

Mike got in on the game and gave the dinosaur a hug of his own. When Uncle Michael does something like that, it’s remarkably more convincing than when Aunt Kari does it. And by the end of our time there, the dinosaur was friends with everyone in the house.

Mike and Kari: Promoting love and peace among species everywhere.

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