Elementary, My Dear

I am insanely excited about my new book. It finally came in to the library yesterday (I was first on the list, having been the person who suggested it for purchase – I can’t afford to buy the hardcover) and started reading it at lunch today. This buying a house stuff sure cuts into my reading time.

The Mary Russell series is one of my favorite series. I count the first book, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, in my top ten books of all time. (Maybe I will work on an actual written top ten books list instead of just saying that about a lot of different books.) The Beekeeper’s Apprentice is a book I give people to test them. If they get the book, they are going to get me. It was my initiation into the Quiz Bowl team – the librarian and one of the other girls said I had to read it, and when I enjoyed it as much as they did, I was welcomed into the fold with open arms. So for me, the series also symbolizes a real sense of belonging, of knowing when you can truly connect with someone.

What is this series about? It’s about a lot of different things, but the characters are Mary Russell, who is 15 or 16 in the first book, and Sherlock Holmes, who is in his 50’s at this time. Holmes no longer lives at 222B Baker Street – he has retired to the country, where he meets Mary. He soon finds out that her mind is as quick as his, and he takes her on as an apprentice, teaching her what he knows about detecting and life. I like the odd books in the series the best, but when I did a re-read of all of them a year or two ago, I found that I enjoyed the evens more than I remembered. There’s mystery and travel and logic and passion and religion . . . and I love it all. I just about had a cow when I saw The Game at Barnes and Noble on Sunday night.

Mike gets this way about DVD’s, but for me it’s always books. Especially a series – I am dying to know what Holmes and Russell are up to now. I’ve been friends with them for a long time, and I’m glad to check in with them again this weekend. (I hear they’re going to India!)

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