Blue Lights in my Rear-View Mirror

Want to hear about my brush with the law last night?

First night in a new town. Driving excitedly down the road to see my house for the first time as its actual owner. Pass a cop going the other way. Look at the spedometer and realize I’m going waaaaaaaay too fast. See the cop turn around behind me, and know I’m busted. I use profanity.

Dad always told me: Don’t speed. And if you do speed, and you get caught, don’t argue. Your integrity is not worth the price of a speeding ticket. Even if you weren’t doing it, you’ve done it before, so you probably deserve the ticket anyway. (For the record, I have only been pulled once before last night, and I have never had a ticket or been in an accident.)

Very Nice Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Very Sheepish Kari: I was going too fast.

VNO: [Looks at my license.] Do you still live in Greensboro?

VSK: We bought a house here today. I was kind of excited to get home.

We chat about exactly how fast I was going and where my new house is. I make no excuses for it, because I KNOW I deserve the ticket. I just apologize. The VNO goes to his car, and I sit there thinking how amused Mike, Brian, and Sarah will be at all this. They are at my house waiting for me so we can paint.

The VNO comes back and says, since my record is clean, he doesn’t want to give me a ticket on my first night in a new town. He doesn’t even give me a warning. But he tells me I’d better slow down. He gives me a good-old-boy grin, and I grin sheepishly back.

So, I did what my Daddy told me, my record is still clean, and I have a good story about my first night in Randleman. It was probably good for me, because I have been wielding quite a lead foot lately, and I needed a reminder to keep it within reason. (But when Sarah and I went to Wal-Mart later, I made her drive.)

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