Origami and Amazing Shushing Action

I have an origami zoo on my desk. One of my coworkers likes origami, and she has a tear-off calendar with an origami-a-day. I currently have a penguin (my corner is the coldest in the building, so the penguin keeps me company), a carp (the symbol of strength – she made it when I made it to work in the snow one day), and a peacock (as far as I know, there’s no particular reason for the peacock). I had a frog for a while, but I gave it to my niece and nephew. If you pushed down on the back of it, it would hop. I, much to my sister-in-law’s dismay, showed them how to make it hop from the counter all the way to the table. Color me a bad influence.

I also have a star that could be a Christmas tree ornament, and an origami house to congratulate me on our new house. Even though we don’t have a house yet, I was happy to see the animals now have a place to stay in this cold corner. I like origami, but I don’t know as much about it as my coworker does. But, based on the success of the frog, I think I’ll give my niece an origami book for her birthday. I was fascinated by that kind of thing when I was a kid.

My one nod to librarianship is my librarian action figure, which some very fun friends sent me in the mail.

My desk also houses a word-a-day calendar. Today’s word? Jocund. It means “sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character, or quality.”

The only other thing on my desk (besides random papers and a computer and a phone – I mean the fun stuff) are three pictures. One of me and Mike at the Harry Potter release party in June, one of me and Mike in Boone last November, and one of me and three of my close friends that is not online.

I like my desk. My dad was always a salesman kind of guy, and he never had a desk. I always wanted him to be like the other dads and have a place where he could proudly display my picture (of course, the grass is always greener – my friends were jealous that my dad had lots of candy in his truck and in his warehouse). I am glad I have a home base here, even if I have to share it with so much wildlife.

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