Love Changes Everything

I used to be staunchly against diet soft drinks. Who wants to put such disgusting chemicals in their bodies? Chemicals that kill lab rats!! I had principles, and I stood by them.

Well, last year I realized that my metabolism is no longer what it was. I can no longer eat whatever I want and still sit around on my butt. I had to make a few changes. One of those changes was doing more exercise (I got some pilates videos that I like a lot), another was eating fewer carbohydrates (I haven’t had french fries in months, and french fries are my obsession. I gave them up for Lent one year), and the final change was drinking more water and diet soft drinks. All those things have worked, and I feel and look better than I did last summer.

Mike sees this as a bit of a victory for him. He is a huge fan of Diet Coke. I used to say it was disgusting, and I wouldn’t kiss him after he drank it. But now I am just like him. He wore me down. I drink Diet Coke all the time. And Diet Dr Pepper. How did this happen, I ask myself? How did I suddenly become someone who loves what she used to hate? What does this say about me? Am I wishy-washy?!

The thing is, I still prefer Coke. I had an upset stomach a few weeks ago, and I had a real Coke for the first time in about eight months. It was heavenly. But I will keep drinking my diet soda and save the Coke (and the french fries) for special occasions. It’s hard at times, but it’s worth it.

Oh, and Diet Coke with Lime? Two thumbs up.

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