House Update

I have some pictures of the exterior (some I took in the snow!) that I will load when RMFO pics is working again. I took some pictures of the inside today, but I will probably wait to take better inside pictures when we’re all painted and moved.

Speaking of paint, I picked out some colors today. I’m going to go buy them on Sunday.

Mike has gone to buy us some nice new grown-up bookcases to be delivered next week. The refrigerator will be delivered on Monday.

And, finally, we’re supposed to close on Monday. I am having a hard time believing it’s going to work out. It didn’t help that we were supposed to close today, and it got bumped back. I am (still) fearing the worst. Which makes me extra grumpy (just ask Mike). One reason I feel stressed about it because I have to work next week. I had today off, which would have been ideal for closing. And then I would have had the weekend to start moving things. But now I won’t be as helpful, and it’ll be more stressful overall because of us having less time to be organized. Please send Positive Thoughts in the direction of us closing on Monday. The big moving date is still March 13.

That is your House Update for this Thursday, March 4.

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