Cute is Apparently the Word of the Day

Well, I want to talk about the Oscars. Because I love celebrity stuff like that. Since there weren’t any surprises, there’s not really much to say. But I do have a couple of thoughts.

Of course my favorite thing is that Peter Jackson and crew finally got the recognition they deserved. I honestly didn’t think they’d sweep until they won for Best Adapted Screenplay. When they didn’t win that one two years ago, they were completely robbed. But I knew after they won it last night that they’d get the rest. Yay!

My other favorite moments:

Mitch and Mickey singing “Kiss at the End of the Rainbow.” I have a feeling that a good bit of America was like, “Who are these people, and why are they dressed so weird?!” hehe. And they did kiss. So cute. I secretly wanted them to win, because it would have been so funny. But I am glad the Lord of the Rings crew won that one, too.

The other thing I loved was from the pre-show. I have to confess that the only one of the Best Actress performances I had seen was The Whale Rider. And I thought Keisha Castle-Hughes was amazing in it. So I was hoping against hope that she might win. But I was also just excited for her that she was there, and that she looked so cute in her pink dress. During the pre-show, someone asked her which actor she most wanted to meet tonight, and she said, “Johnny Depp, because he’s a stud.” Right before the Oscars went on, one of the interviewers grabbed her arm and took her over to Johnny Depp to introduce her. It was so cute. And he was so sweet to her – he took her hand and kept saying that he thought she was amazing in the movie. Since she couldn’t win, I was glad she had her Johnny Depp moment.

And, for the record, I thought he looked great.

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