And the Crowd Goes Wild!

One of my all-time favorite things is when a band plays the opening notes to a song (without announcing what the song is) and the audience recognizes it and goes wild. Mike and I were talking about this a few weeks ago when we were listening to Patty Griffin’s live CD. Patty’s crowds are a little more subdued than some others, but you can still hear them cheer for the opening notes of “Rain” and “Goodbye,” among others.

As far as experiencing that personally, the most vivid memory I have is when we saw the Counting Crows at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues in October 2002. I have seen them four or five times, but that was definitely the best. And when Dave played the opening notes to “Mr. Jones,” and the audience exploded, well, it was great. (So sue me. I still love “Mr. Jones,” especially live.)

I was thinking about that this morning because Mike made me a mix CD a few weeks ago, and one of the songs is the infamous Counting Crows song “August and Everything After” that has finally come to light. I like the song pretty well, though I definitely don’t think it’s one of their best. My favorite part is when everyone cheers when Adam sings the words “August and everything after” for the first time. It would have been cool to be there for that.

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