Snow Day

I’m shivering here in my corner, with my heater aimed at my feet and hot black coffee in my hands. We have gotten a lot more snow than usual this year. It makes me glad not to be in school anymore, and not having to worry about making up the snow days.

I made it into work just fine, with only a little slipping and sliding in Greensboro. With all the rain we got yesterday morning, they couldn’t salt the roads like they had hoped. It looks like the sun is doing its work, though, and we should be ready for the next round tomorrow. Hopefully that one won’t bring the snow they are predicting.

Since I’ve started working, the concept of snow days is completely different. I don’t have someone telling me whether to come in or not. I get to make that decision for myself. When it snowed in January and I had to make the call, it was kind of shocking. I guess it’s just another step in the direction of adulthood.

Do you feel again the glow
Of knowing you’re on holiday
You ran around in your nightclothes
Like when you were nine
And you don’t know what it is
That maybe, could be coming
Just like Christmas it is
A good surprise for tearing open

No work today only childhood things
No blue sky but happy, happy is
Maybe the thrill of what snow was
Coming back a little bit
Maybe the thrill of what happy, happy is
Winter at nine.

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