Monthly Archives: February 2004

It Makes Me Think Twice When I Pick My Friends 13

A few months ago I got one of those silly “tell about yourself” forwards. I love talking about myself, so I filled it out. The only question I remember is, “What is the worst feeling in the world?” Some of my (super-spiritual) friends put things like, “being far from God.” My answer was just one […]

I’m Complex. 3

In complete contradiction to what I wrote last week, the song that has been constantly in my head the past few days is: Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus Oh, for grace to trust Him more.

Breaks the Back of Foolish Pride 7

The snow is pouring down once again. I tried to get my coworkers to make snow angels with me before I left, but they all declined. I noticed a different feel to the snow day this time, though. Back in January, when we had the first snow of the season, all my coworkers were antsy […]

Lenten Reflections 7

Every year I find myself struggling to come up with something to give up for Lent. Last year I gave up a website where I spend a lot of my days. Which meant I found other websites where I still wasted time, but I did find more time for prayer and reflection. My life was […]

Romantic Advice from my Dentist 4

I have a great dentist. He and his hygenists are very personable, and they don’t hurt me. I don’t mind going to the dentist now, for the first time in my life. Mike and I both had appointments this month. Normally we don’t, but we both pushed our appointments back for various reasons. Mike’s was […]

Perspective 3

I am almost done with The Middle of Everywhere by Mary Pipher. It’s the book that Greensboro Public Library has chosen for this year’s all-city read. (I did my internship on the last all-city read that GPL did, and it feels weird to not be in on all the minute details of this one. Weird, […]

And the Crowd Goes Wild! 4

One of my all-time favorite things is when a band plays the opening notes to a song (without announcing what the song is) and the audience recognizes it and goes wild. Mike and I were talking about this a few weeks ago when we were listening to Patty Griffin’s live CD. Patty’s crowds are a […]

God is in the Tub 1

Have you met my theory that God Doesn’t Do Free Throws, Awards Shows, Or Reality Television? It’s one of my favorites. God is busy, Danielle. It’s like the way you don’t bother your mom to break up fights between you and your sister when she’s relaxing in the tub. Come to think of it, that […]

Ramblings on my Faith 8

If God wants you to have that house, you can’t stop Him. –Alisa I thought, rather than responding to the comments, I’d just make this a new post. Alisa is absolutely right. I do believe that, if God wants us to live there, we will. It’s complicated, though. The aforementioned Great Disappointment was something that […]

What a World, What a World. 4

We all have days where things just seem to go wrong. This morning I had a meeting, and I had to talk about some things that are really hard for me. Because of a Great Disappointment I had several years ago, I have some serious trust issues with God. When big things (like buying a […]

Snow Day 6

I’m shivering here in my corner, with my heater aimed at my feet and hot black coffee in my hands. We have gotten a lot more snow than usual this year. It makes me glad not to be in school anymore, and not having to worry about making up the snow days. I made it […]

A Thankful Heart 1

God’s blessings aren’t always [or even usually] financial. But sometimes, like today, they are.

Valentine’s Day 8

In high school, I never had a boyfriend. (Side note: I have always wondered if my former classmates are amused that I got married so early, since I didn’t date much. Probably they don’t think about me at all.) 😉 I was mostly okay with not having a boyfriend, because I didn’t go to school […]