saving my life.

In my library, we have some great new books and circulation is up for the year. There have been classes scheduled almost every day and I have helped with projects and computer issues and books on tornadoes. It’s been the best kind of busy, and I have been the good kind of tired.

I do not wrangle equipment and schedule computer labs and fix computer issues and answer the same questions over and over for any reason other than the fact that I believe in libraries and the work that I am doing. But it’s nice to be appreciated just the same.

This week, what is saving my life is a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, the way that a student smiled when he said he loves coming to the library, and the incredulity in that one student’s voice when he said, “You are really good with computers.”

What is saving your life this week?

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  1. Hi, Kari – Love this! I’m loving your “saving my life” posts lately!

    On a slightly unrelated note (library — books — Sherlock… there was my train of thought), I’m wondering if you’re watching the new show “Elementary” about a modern day Sherlock Holmes? I’m enjoying it so far (I’ll give anything literary a try since there’s so little good on television these days). Anyway, the first episode they mentioned his beekeeping, and I always associate you with my discovery of the Mary Russell books because this blog introduced me.

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