I read the news today, oh boy.


As I was driving to my mom’s house today, I heard “A Day in the Life” on my iPod and marveled at how perfectly constructed it is. I listened to it twice, turning it up loud so Atticus could be sure to hear it. Mike and I have been working to make him a Beatles fan already, because we have all the right priorities. (Mike has also been reading Winnie-the-Pooh to him in utero. I have had lots of people ask if we’ve been reading to him already. Yes, yes we have.)

With the buzz in the news about John Lennon’s birthday, I thought I would post a link to something I wrote about the Beatles last year. Happy birthday, Mr. Lennon. Thanks for all the beautiful songs.

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  1. You know how my kids already love them. Just yesterday, River and I had the conversation about John. I didn’t know that she knew how he had died, but she did. It was a sad conversation, but one that I think gave her more appreciation for the songs he sang.

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