Super Bowl Sunday means different things to different people.

The decor

Previous Male Bakeoff Entries: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and last year’s Best of Show.

Have I ever talked about our slight obsession with Sky Mall? Mike and I are fascinated by Sky Mall. Who needs to shop in the air? Why are their products so weird? Where can we put this globe that would secretly open to reveal our liquor stash?

To be fair, I did order part of Mike’s birthday present from Sky Mall. It was this awesome chair. It flips over! And turns into a step stool! I highly recommend it. However, you should know that the instructions leave out some things. I tried to put it together myself, but lo, that did not happen.

Anyway. When Mike and I flew to New York back in October, we of course looked at the Sky Mall magazine. We laughed at the globe (our favorite Sky Mall item) and Mike happened to see this giant cupcake pan. When we got home, he said, “I am going to order that pan and use it for the Male Bakeoff.” And thus, a theme was born. (Full disclosure: he ordered it from Amazon instead because it was cheaper. Sorry, Sky Mall.)

So over the past week, Mike made ten of these.

Giant cupcake, iced

That’s right. Ten. Because we are known here for subtlety and restraint.

But, no, that was not enough. He also had a plate. And some giant tortilla chips. He took his own tablecloth and “fork” and “napkin” and (giant) “glass” (which was really a vase). With his ten giant cupcakes, all those things, his own table, and a Happy Birthday sign, he managed to piss off the decorating committee and create his very own birthday party. For, of course, Goliath. Happy first birthday, buddy.

Goliath's First Birthday Party

Goliath's First Birthday Party

Goliath's First Birthday Party

You can see some of the other fabulous entries here (this year’s theme was Mardi Gras), but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

Our neighbor’s Super Bowl trophy (Rice Krispie Treats plus fondant):

The Super Bowl Trophy

The Gingerbread Bible (please notice GingerJesus on the cross – this year’s Most Biblical winner):


Fancypants Super Bowl stadium:


And this was the table with the trophies.

The prizes (aka booty)

You may remember a few years ago when the table was simply titled “Booty!” This year we have “Booty-ism.” Let me explain. A few months ago, during a sermon, our pastor meant to say “Buddhism” and actually said “Booty-ism.” Because the other 30-somethings I sit with are as mature as I am, we giggled a lot and have not let him live it down, suggesting songs such as “Baby Got Back” for the offertory and “Bootylicious” for the anthem. And so, rather than simply “Booty,’ this year our prizes reflect the Booty-ism that we have come to value so much. (Also, please notice that the trophies have been redesigned this year.)

This year, Mike walked home with Most Creative, which is a worthy prize for his effort. As he was setting up, one of our friends wanted to make sure he knew that there was no cash prize to help offset the cost of all that cake. I assured her that this is not about cash. It is about REPUTATION. Luckily his is safe for another year.

Mike's trophy

And now, to start scheming for next year.

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  1. I have been waiting all day for this post.

    Posted 2/7/2010 at | Permalink
  2. Me too! I have been watching for pictures or posts from either of you! Yay for keeping up his rep one more year!

    Posted 2/7/2010 at | Permalink
  3. So much awesome.

    Posted 2/7/2010 at | Permalink
  4. alisa beth

    Oh, wow! Mike did such an amazing job on Goliath’s first birthday! I went back and read through all the posts detailing his previous entries, and this year’s is (without a doubt) my favorite! Of course, the cheesecake and whore cake are lots of fun (a certain amount of shock is always fun!), and the best of show year was just beautiful … but, the attention to detail for this year is just awesome. I LOVE the vase full of milk and the birthday banner and the giant chips AND the utensils and napkin!! He definitely deserved that MOST CREATIVE trophy. You both are just too much fun! I wish I knew you in real life!!

    Posted 2/8/2010 at | Permalink
  5. _steve


    Posted 2/8/2010 at | Permalink
  6. Carol

    How many giant cupcakes do you have left? Or did the people there have giant appetites?

    Posted 2/8/2010 at | Permalink
  7. Mike

    They cut up 6 of the ten cupcakes to serve. About half of that was eaten. I gave one of the remaining 4 away at church. I brought the other 3 to school today to share with the teachers who have been waiting to see what my creation was.

    It was fun to watch the students react to three giant cupcakes. Apparently there is a commercial advertising a giant cupcake maker that plays on Saturday mornings and, as I was told repeatedly, available at CVS.

    It was also fun to give the cupcakes away while the kids were at their specialist and then tell the kids, when questioned on the cupcakes location, that I ate them all while they were away.

    Also stomachache was one of the spelling words I tested them on. I used the sentence: I have a stomachache from eating three giant cupcakes.

    Posted 2/8/2010 at | Permalink
  8. Steve, I was going to say that we had three left you could eat, but apparently Mike has given them away. (Or eaten them and given himself a stomachache.)

    Posted 2/8/2010 at | Permalink
  9. i always look forward to this post. and i am never let down. i’ve been wondering what he would do this year, and i can honestly say, this idea NEVER crossed my mind. well done! Well DONE!!

    Posted 2/8/2010 at | Permalink

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