An unexpected benefit.

One of the local colleges has a radio station, and when the students are gone in the summer, they let members of the community run it. Mike has completed the training, and all he has to do is take the test and then sign up for a weekly spot. You know what this means, right? Mike is going to be my very own Piz!

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  1. When will Mike Plays Nothing But M. Ward to Make a Point to His Wife air? Does it stream online? 😉

    Posted 5/13/2007 at | Permalink
  2. Kari

    Piz would never do anything like that.

    Posted 5/13/2007 at | Permalink
  3. scott

    let me know when i can come visit so i can guest star in “life according to mr blazer”. 🙂

    Posted 5/13/2007 at | Permalink
  4. alisa


    Posted 5/14/2007 at | Permalink

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