What a pain in the neck: Mike edition

There must be something going around, because this morning, Mike rolled over and pulled something awful in his neck. He did the usual, “No, I don’t want any Advil. No, I don’t want a heating pad,” until he realized that he always shoots down my ideas, and the ideas of heat and pain relievers are not bad ones. He even let me rub it for a while, but I don’t know that any of it really helped. He walked out of the house with his head still tilted to the side. Poor guy. Is this contagious? Did he catch it from Alisa, who caught it from Jeff Holland? Can neck pain travel through the internet?

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  1. I’m starting to wonder….. my neck pain has finally ceased.

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  2. I had neck pain this week too! I think it’s because our heater was out for a couple of days… I was sleeping in a tight ball and not moving all night. Since the house has warmed up it’s slowly gotten better.

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  3. scott

    the heater being out stinks! i hated mine being out last month for sure.

    i don’t want to jinx myself by talking about the pain from this post, so i’ll stop typing now.

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  4. alisa

    Poor Mike! I wish this upon no one. I am only a little sore today, but till cant turn completey with out LOTS of pain. Is it on the right side too like Jeff’s and I? Also: Mike peas and heating pad switched every 15-20 mintues does wonders.

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  5. Kari

    His is on the right side, yeah.

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  6. Jason

    I should explain: Alisa said peas help because she kept frozen peas on her neck. When they started leaking pea juice all over her clavicle, she switched to corn. No word on whether the starchiness of the corn helped her neck or not, it’s just obvious legumes do nothing for neck pain.

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  7. Kari

    We read about the peas and corn on her blog, never fear.

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  8. Jason

    Not everyone that reads your blog reads Alisa’s, though.

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  9. alisa

    How is Mike?

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  10. Kari

    He’s feeling a lot better. He’s got more movement in his neck, though it still hurts a lot. He’s not holding it all tilty all the time, though.

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