A snapshot from my drive to work.

NPR: Currently there’s light snow in Jefferson.

KARI: I wish we had some light snow.

GOD: Okay. *snows*

My car said it was 34 outside, and I know it’s not going to come to anything, but it sure was fun to see it coming down. Yay snow!

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  1. You know that snow can happen at a surface air temperature of 34F, right? As long as it’s colder higher up in the atmosphere, the snow can stay intact up to about 35-36F; past that, it’s too warm.

    Gotta love convective heat transfer. [Yes, I’m a geek.]

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  2. Kari

    Well, obviously snow can happen at 34 since it was snowing today . . . and it was 34. 😛

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  3. Meredith

    Thanks for adding me to your list:) I like snow too, but I think it was a little bit ridiculous to have a 2 hour delay for the schools, only in NC can that happen… for a dusting of flurries.

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  4. Man, I jumped about eight synapses in that reply. 1) Those thermostats generally aren’t reliable because of how they’re not kept calibrated because they’re in airflow so 2) it might not have been 34.

    Okay, my brain is fried. Moving on.

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  5. Kari

    Yeah, but it also wasn’t 44. I’m never more than one or two degrees off what the announcers on the radio say, and it’s usually spot-on.

    Also, I have seen it snow when it was 34 before. And not just by my car thermometer – by other outdoor thermometers. This wasn’t the first time. So, yeah, I knew.

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  6. As usual, I’m trying to show people how smart I am and, in the process, proving my idiocy. 😆

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