Geof, you probably shouldn’t read this.

KARI: Yesterday Jason linked to some pictures from Snakes on a Plane.

MIKE: How did they look?

KARI: There were snakes.

MIKE: What were they doing?

KARI: They were on the plane.

MIKE: And Samuel L. Jackson?

KARI: Was being his regular badass self.

MIKE: I wish I had known that he just likes working, that he doesn’t care so much about whether the movie is good. Because, after Pulp Fiction, I wanted to see a lot of his movies. And many of them are not good.

KARI: Snakes on a Plane.

MIKE: You’re going to make me see Snakes on a Plane on opening night, aren’t you?

KARI: Scott suggested that we have a .net get-together. Just to see Snakes on a Plane! I should suggest our house as a place to stay. We should have it here.

MIKE: That would be fun. And also a little crazy.

KARI: I’ll suggest we have it here.

MIKE: You’re going to buy me one of those shirts, aren’t you?

KARI: Maybe. Maybe I’ll get it for myself.

MIKE: We should all get them to wear to opening night. And we can get our names put on the back. Smith, Windsor, Gerace, Morris . . .

KARI: Not Morris. Geof hates snakes and planes so much he had to block the whole movie board.

MIKE: Wow.

KARI: I know. We kept posting in it and it was giving him the creeps. I love saying “snakes on a plane.”

MIKE: I noticed.

KARI: If we have the get-together here, we could have party favors of plastic snakes and plastic planes.

MIKE: That’s not predictable at all.

KARI: Instead of spin the bottle, whoever gets the snake and the plane have to kiss.

MIKE: That’s slightly more original. How about: We could have a bag full of pieces of paper, mostly blank, one with a snake and one with a plane. The two who get the snake and the plane have to go to the closet for five minutes.

KARI: That’s good!

MIKE: I got it from Teen Wolf.

KARI: Oh. I don’t remember that.

MIKE: What do you remember?

KARI: Um, him flipping on the top of the van. And he scared that one guy so much that he made him pee on himself.

MIKE: And the basketball game.

KARI: Was that Teen Wolf or Teen Wolf Too?

MIKE: I think it was the original. For our get-together, we can eat gummy worms. They look like snakes. We could sneak gummy worms into the movie and scare people with them!

KARI: There was a cake I saw on a blog about the movie. I’ll just need a Mace Windu action figure.

MIKE: If there were other movies about snakes on planes, we could rent those.

KARI: But there aren’t. This is the original snakes on a plane movie.

MIKE: Snakes.

KARI: On a plane.

MIKE: They’re no match for Samuel L. Jackson.


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  1. scott

    actually, in teen wolf, i thought they just drew names of girls, and scott (the teen wolf himself) pulled boof. i’m just making sure the alt spin the bottle game is run correctly. πŸ˜‰

    i LOVE that cake.

    and can i get my shirt with #9 on the back?

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  2. Kari

    Thank you, Scott, for clarifying. Spin the bottle: Snakes on a Plane version is serious business. hehe.

    I hadn’t thought about numbers. We SHOULD start choosing numbers. I want number 6.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  3. You just made me guffaw. Loudly. At work. It was fabulous!

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  4. Kari

    By the way, I seriously want that cake for my birthday this year. We’ve got to make that happen.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  5. As soon as I saw the topic title, I knew what it was about. I closed my office door, checked the floor for snakes, and proceeded to read. I only shivered twice!

    Damn you, Scott, for claiming my number. Wait … no way in HECK am I wearing a SoaP shirt! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    :runs from office screaming:

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  6. Kari

    I wouldn’t look at those pictures if I were you, Geof.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  7. Hay no problema. I want to sleep tonight.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  8. :the jibblies:

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  9. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Kari and Mike conversation AND SNAKES ON A PLANE!!! I love it.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  10. πŸ˜† That’s awesome. I think I might have to buy myself one of those shirts…

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  11. scott

    my friends at work are missing the simple brilliance that is SNAKES….ON A PLANE!

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  12. Kari

    The deep subtleties of SNAKES ON A PLANE are, admittedly, not for everyone.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  13. I in if there’s a .net gathering for this historic event

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  14. Mi Bella

    And when do you say Smith, was that me? If so, awww!

    Secondly, I have no idea what movie this is. Im starting to understand all this snake talk Kari has been muttering lately though, lol.

    Oh and I want a shirt. With the number 1.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  15. alisa

    ah and that was me. forgot to change names. πŸ™‚

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  16. I’ll seriously consider driving to NC for this monumentous occasion, if it’s at all feasible.

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  17. This is the first I’ve heard about SoaP. Sounds hilariously ludicrous. And with such an imaginiative title it is guaranteed to be an instant cult classic!

    (I want #42! Can I have that even if I don’t go with you guys?)

    Posted 1/26/2006 at | Permalink
  18. Snakes
    Posted 1/27/2006 at | Permalink
  19. Kari

    Yes, Snakes on a Blog is where we got some of those links – the pictures, the cake. Thanks, snakes!

    Posted 1/27/2006 at | Permalink
  20. chalee

    i’m calling number 11!

    Posted 1/27/2006 at | Permalink
  21. Jason

    I’m down for the idea. Not sure what number I’ll be. Will we be playing some sort of sport against the Bears on a Train people?

    Posted 1/28/2006 at | Permalink
  22. I’d come to NC for a SoaP party. πŸ˜€

    Posted 2/10/2006 at | Permalink

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