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I heard yesterday that Season 2 will be on DVD this December.

And after last night’s episode, there was a promo for Season 5 showing Rory continuing with her affair with Dean and Lorelai, obviously, disapproving. I haven’t seen Lorelai get sarcastic with Rory like she did in that promo. It was harsh. I know a lot of people disagreed with the Dean/Rory storyline, but all season they showed her being so lost at Yale. I can see how she would make decisions that weren’t “normal Rory” decisions. It will be good to see the girls be less codependent this season. They both kind of need to grow up. I’m excited to see where the writers take the characters.

Speaking of Season 5, I have had the hardest time staying away from spoilers. The internet has completely changed television viewing. I have been strong, though, and the only spoiler that I know about Gilmore Girls is something I read in TV Guide (which I won’t post here, since I don’t want to spoil any of my untainted readers).

It’s funny what I spoil and what I don’t. When it came to The Lord of the Rings movies, I didn’t mind reading spoilers, because I already knew the story and knowing, for example, that Sauruman wasn’t in Return of the King meant that I didn’t go in with expectations that got crushed. I often read Survivor spoilers, too. But I stay away from spoilers on dramas and sitcoms, because I like to watch the stories unfold. I remember back when I was an ER junkie, the episode where Susan was leaving to go stay with her sister and help take care of her niece was shocking to me, because I didn’t know that Sherry Stringfield was leaving the show. So, at the very end, when Mark ran after her train yelling, “I love you!” I thought for sure she was going to get off the train. But she didn’t. And since I didn’t know she was leaving, that was good TV.

So, I am going to stay strong these last few weeks. I hope. hehe.

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  1. Mmm. This is the first I’ve heard of Season Two available in December. Wonderful!

    Posted 8/18/2004 at | Permalink
  2. Kari

    There have been rumors of a December date, since the WB has been putting out some of their other shows on an every-six-month-ish schedule, but I don’t think it was confirmed until yesterday. That site ( seems to get information really quickly.

    Posted 8/18/2004 at | Permalink
  3. Yeah, I remember that episode of ER too. It’s been a long time since I actually cared about ER. What happened? I guess all the characters I had any interest in (except Carter) have gone, Carter’s character has been all over the map, and the story lines have been really erratic and just odd. Before it was a medical show with drama, now it seems it’s just coincidentally a medical show, and mostly it’s a soap opera. When did it jump the shark? My nomination is for when Weaver came out. Other nominations?

    Posted 8/18/2004 at | Permalink

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